The designers who are Cousin Eddie Christmas Vacation Movie shirt. big fans of Porter’s fearless style. began working on the custom design right away. “Each piece took several months to create,” said David. “Customized for Billy, the catsuit was embellished by hand . with a mix of Preciosa crystals and chain fringe, as well as gold bugle beads. This is meant to emulate the rays of the sun as they catch and move the light.” As for those show-stopping wings? “The wing cape is an archival piece, and it is comprised of gold baguettes, crystals, and beads, all anchored with caviar beads,” said Phillipe.

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“Each wing was made to look three dimensional by using tube beads as stilts to raise certain areas Cousin Eddie Christmas Vacation Movie shirt. In all, Billy will be wearing well over a million crystals, beads, and chains!”The litter and accompanying men, meanwhile, came from set designer Nicolas Putvinski, who recently worked on the off-Broadway show Cleopatra. With all these elements, however, Ratelle wanted to make sure that he included a few streamlined details. “I didn’t want it to look costume-y,” he said, explaining that he incorporated modern accents, like the metallic jeans that were worn by the litter bearers.Given it was Porter’s first time at the Met Gala—“I’ve been trying to get invited for decades,” he adds—Porter felt a need to nail his debut outfit and said tonight’s moment felt perfectly true to him. “Coming from the theatre and being flamboyant and campy my whole life, it was a breathe of fresh air to have this focus on the genre,” Porter says. “It’s what I do.” This isn’t the first time Porter has slain the step and repeat, of course. Back in February, he memorably stole the show at the Oscars in a custom Christian Soriano gown. But for the Met, he didn’t feel a pressure to out-do that viral hit—he was just focused on having fun. “How am I going to top a tuxedo dress? It’s not about topping it,” he says. “It’s just about showing up and being the best bitch you can be.” Boy, did he.

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